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Hi out there,

just a short note. I neglected this blog in the last weeks. I neglected my hobby in general. And there’s a reason for it: I was very busy! I just started university two weeks ago and I was in the final round of my driver’s licence, which I luckily passed last Wednesday. I had to get used to my new living arrangement, a flat share. I had to buy new furniture. I had to read loads. And of course I have to find new friends. Etcetera.

It’s getting more relaxed now. I baked for ‘the first time again’ on Sunday. My three room-mates all loved the Whole Wheat Levain and were astonished about the sourdough procedure. The two men devoured most of the bread and Livia, my female room-mate, showed eager interest in how to bake with sourdough. It’s a pleasure to see that my baking is appreciated.

A family meeting is coming up this weekend and my family is hosting it. We’ll have a simple barbecue-style lunch with pot luck, and I’m of course in charge of the bread for 40 people. You see, baking has got me again and I’m going to post about more breads soon!


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100 % sprouted grains? ‘Sounds great’, thought my baking heart and printed the Recipe of Reinhart’s Whole Grain Breads a couple weeks ago. This weekend I gave it a try.

I sprouted my grains as indicated. They all had cute little white tails and were pleasant to chew. I would have better kept them as a addition to my breakfast cereals instead of trying to make them into a bread.

“grind the grains into a pulp as fine as possible. If the grains warm up to much, let them rest for ten minutes and continue when cooled. A meat grinder works even better” – That’s what Reinhart wrote. I should have been an english native to know what exactly a food processor is. I tried everything, and everything failed.
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Looking at a bread in the oven is better than any TV. Enthusiastic bakers out there - why don't you switch channel and venture a glimpse into mine?