I think I’m a geek. Or a nerd. Or simply a little bit crazy. I actually don’t really care about the term used, I think it all comes down to the same: I’m just really really into baking bread and I don’t mind to make any efforts to achieve “the perfect loaf”, completely knowing that “the perfect loaf” doesn’t exist.

I am convinced though, that it’s possible to get closer to “the perfect” loaf. And I do know that I’m still not really close to it. So, what do geeks, a nerds or a crazy bread bakers do then? They read bread bibles, they search through bread communities, they read tons of bread blogs, admire others shots of “close to be perfect – bread”, talk about bread, dream of bread at day and night, and of course: they bake bread, and eat even more of it.

Believe me, I’ve got a vague idea of how many bread blogs already are out there. You’re wondering while I’m still opening a new one? Well, the answer is obvious: Bread-nerds don’t mind tons of bread blogs.

I want to improve. I want to share. I want to get feedbacks. I want to be forced to document my baking better. I want to get better at food photography. That’s why I decided to finally start this blog. Improving in bread baking is, most of all, to have the hands in the dough as often as possible. But it’s not only that. Many times I’ve had “epiphanies” while talking with other bakers about bread. I think, to implement this gained knowledge into my own baking has helped me the most so far.

I’m really looking forward to my next private show on “oven tv”. (Oven tv = watch a loaf change in the oven.) I will start to publish my baking experiences here as soon as possible. I’d love to see people here who think that watching oven tv is one of the most magnificant things to do, too.